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Direct Mail, Micro Site,

and Interactive Outdoor

Recco is a two part system consist of a reflector and defector that is integrated into countless items from hundreds of outdoor brands. Recco introduce a challenge to the appropriate influencers to raise awareness of its technology and providing safety for outdoor activities.  

01 - Direct Mail


02 - Micro Site 

03 - Interactive Outdoor

RECCO revised-14.png
RECCOArtboard 7f.jpg
RECCOArtboard 9f.jpg

04- Print 

RECCOAsset 1.png
RECCOArtboard 8f.jpg
RECCOArtboard 12f.jpg
RECCOArtboard 11f.jpg
RECCOArtboard 1f.png
RECCOArtboard 3f.png
RECCOArtboard 4f.png
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